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Cahill Physical Therapy is a healthcare company. We are devoted to our mission of providing essential healthcare services for our patients when they need them.

Cahill Physical Therapy’s Commitment to You

Ultimately, Cathy wants to get you back to being with you. Whatever your treatment goals may be, we believe the single-biggest factor in a successful recovery from injury is completing your recommended course of care.

Additional measures may be necessary to protect your health during your treatment session. If so, we will update our practices and policies immediately. With this shared commitment, we are confident we can continue delivering the same high level of care you’ve come to expect from us.

Cahill Physical Therapy Personal Training

Physical Therapy

We reduce pain and keep you on track to success.

Cahill Physical Therapy Concierge PT

Concierge PT

We heal you discretely and privately.

Cahill Physical Therapy News Blog

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Dr. Catherine M. Cahill
Dr. Catherine M. CahillPT, DPT
Cathy Cahill, PT, DPT Certifications:
Licensed Physical Therapist
CPR Certified
Certified PMA Pilates and GYROTONIC® Instructor
Pink Ribbon Program Certified Instructor

Cathy Cahill will collaborate with your physician regarding your injury, the Physical Therapy assessment and treatment plan. Individual goals and timeline for recovery are jointly established. Treatment may include progressive exercise, weight lifting, core strengthening, focus on flexibility, stretching, massage, electrical stimulation or laser therapy.

Your improvement will drive the program. Upon recovery from the injury or deficit, we collaborate to establish fitness goals for your lifetime of wellness.

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