Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness at Cahill Physical Therapy

Each corporation has its unique needs. We all however have one ultimate goal: reduce healthcare costs. Corporate wellness programs include activities to avoid employee injury and absence as well as programs providing fitness opportunities of those who may have a chronic illness. Hectic lives often make work hours the only available time of exercise.

Cathy Cahill is flexible to meet the needs specific to your organization. Collaboratively, we will develop your ideal program. Cathy is available for early morning and lunch hour based on the number of employees participating and their ideal availability.

Services include:

  1. Weekly personal training for executives and staff
  2. Confidential collaboration defining individual employees fitness goals
  3. Weekly or monthly follow up to assess and celebrate achievement of their goals
  4. Evaluate current fitness activities to recommend modification based on age and level of fitness
  5. Provide unique and innovative strategies adapted to the specific needs of your organization (treadmill while working, 10 active minutes every 2 hours, lunch time 20 minutes of fun, etc.)
  6. Evaluate employees experiencing pain in order to recommend or implement treatment modalities or physician referrals if necessary
  7. Lectures on fitness at work emphasizing the number of hours spent at work could and should include injury prevention and movement
  8. Celebrate small as well as large modifications and results
  9. Have fun focusing on fitness