Familiar with this scenario? You have a small tear in your rotator cuff, or your ACL. It is very painful. The doctor prescribes physical therapy for relief, and to avoid surgery. You’ve been diligent. Your physical therapist has you doing all the right moves. Even though the tear cannot mend itself, you’re stronger and the pain has subsided quite a bit. Then boom! You’ve run out of sessions with the therapist. You’re now on your own. Most insurance companies limit the number of physical therapy sessions per calendar year. Often the number is 20. Many find that 20 sessions are just fine for their needs, but numerous others, maybe you, might require more attention, more personalized care and maintenance. Maybe you could benefit from concierge physical therapy. Here are some reasons to give it a try.

Chronic Conditions

You have a chronic condition and need more personalized, steady care. Concierge practices that offer unlimited care for a flat fee per year, or ones that sell a series of sessions for a discounted fee would be a good fit for someone in need of longer term therapy. The goal is to get better and stay better after the initial therapy sessions have concluded.

Privacy, Discretion

You are a public personality who needs privacy for medical treatments and physical training. Maybe you’re a time-challenged executive who can’t find an opportunity to get out of the office for treatment. A concierge physical therapist can work with your needs, treating you at home or at work, working out with you in your personal gym, helping you reach your personal fitness goals, all on a schedule that is convenient for you.

Surgery Recovery

Most surgeons suggest that recovery from major surgery takes a year. It can be difficult to bounce back without help. Once the healing has reached a safe point, physical therapy is extremely useful in rebuilding strength, mobility and over all well being. Often this type of restorative physical therapy is not covered by insurance. A concierge therapist can access the areas of the body that need support and create a plan that gets you back on your feet, enjoying the intended benefits of your surgery.

Prevention, Intervention

Many concierge physical therapists include a yearly exam and muscular skeletal analysis as part of a their service. This type of plan can attack your problem areas before they turn into injuries. Personalized, one on one sessions with a physical therapist who knows you and your body will increase awareness of your particular weaknesses and help you build a stronger infrastructure for your body.

Healthy Aging

Geriatric physical therapy is a rapidly growing specialty area focused on optimizing aging. Teaming up with a concierge practice, you will not feel left behind. You can get all the help you need, in sessions that won’t feel rushed, with a therapist that knows you, your limits and your strengths.

More and more health practitioners are moving to some type of concierge practice. The plans, techniques and costs vary widely, but most of those who try it are pleased with the positive results.